Catholic Weddings

The interior of Albertson Wedding Chapel in Los Angeles
The Ceremony

Catholic Weddings outside of church are conducted by Dr. David Roman Daniels. He will perform your Catholic style Nuptial Blessing at our chapel. This is a wonderful, traditional Catholic Wedding ceremony that will please and inspire you and your family. The ceremony is a bit longer than a civil wedding ceremony and it is a lot more formal and serious.  Dr. Daniels will guide you through the Catholic Rites of Marriage with readings form the Song of Songs, Corinthians and several other readings from the Bible. This ceremony is especially tailored to Latino and Filipino wedding traditions. You may bring primary and secondary sponsors for your Arras ( coins ) , Lasso (chord ) and Unity Candle.  Since it is taking place at our wedding chapel, you do not need to have had your first communion or confirmation completed.  6 months of seminars prior to the wedding are also not required.   These ceremonies are slightly longer than our civil ceremonies but are quite beautiful.  We welcome a wedding entourage as well including groomsmen and bridesmaids. This a wonderful idea for a Sunday wedding before Sunday Brunch. This is a “Catholic Style” wedding and is not like going through the Roman Catholic Church.

•Luxurious Wedding Chapel

High ceilings, beautifully designed, natural light, modern mini-ballroom look

•The Wedding Officiant/Minister

Excellent, fun, meaningful weddings in English

•Wedding Coordinators

We make your wedding stress-free

•Our Stylish Flower Decor

Save thousands of dollars in decor by marrying here

•Custom Color Lighting

Choose Natural light, pink, blush, lilac, red or light blue

•Lux Bridal Changing Room

Arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony

•Wedding March Entourage

Walk down the aisle in style

•Chiavari Chairs
•Bluetooth Sound System
•Free Parking
•Unity Candle Ceremony
•LIVE WEBCAM upon request
•Excellent Client Support

$619 / 0 to 32 guests**

Daily Flat Rate/**Up to 36 guests O.K. on Sundays only.

Add Marriage License $85      (County Charge)

An authorized Notary Public can issue a confidential marriage license instantly to you at our wedding chapel saving you the time and hassle.  You must have one valid form of identification such as: A non-expired Driver’s license, A state I.D., Passport or an official government I.D. from your country. You must be over 18 and already be living together. If you already have your confidential or public marriage license, just bring it in.  Questions on how it works? See our FAQ page or call us.

Add Marriage Certificate $15 (Optional County Charge)

You should order a marriage certificate if you need legal proof of marriage. Bring a check for $15 payable to the “Registrar Recorder/ County Clerk” for your official marriage certificate. This “certified copy” of your marriage license comes from the County Clerk 6-8 weeks after the ceremony. No Checking Account? We can write a check in your name for an additional $10 fee. Questions? See FAQ page. 

Notary Public Fee $40

There is a $25 fee to check your I.D.s and validate your marriage license. To order your marriage certificate via mail, there is an additional notary public fee of $15 to validate the state required “certificate of identity form”.  Questions? See FAQ page.

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